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Registration and virtual orientation

9:10 am

What have we learned from the coronavirus crisis?

The coronavirus crisis has been a catalyst for change in K-12 education. Everything will need to adapt to a new normal. As we move to the recovery phase, strong leadership will be critical – how can we lead our schools to thrive in the new normal?

  • Preparing for a hybrid future – blending technology with face-to-face learning
  • Short and long-term plans and strategies for school recovery
  • How to lead your students and teachers through the recovery phase of the crisis
  • Will educational pedagogy change in the medium to long term?
9:40 am

Case Study: Change leadership advice from award-winning principal

As we emerge from the biggest change in Australia’s educational history, change leadership has never been more important. Hear from the Government Principal of the Year as he shares his advice and key lessons in driving change at his high school.

  • How to drive positive and lasting change in your school
  • Mapping out the steps and processes for delivering a successful transformation
  • Overcoming key challenges and gaining buy-in for a change vision
  • Developing an effective leadership style and building leadership in others
Timothy Lloyd

Principal, Plumpton High School (Winner of School Principal of the Year - Government at Australian Education Awards 2019)

10:10 am

Panel: Award-winning school technology programs

This year has seen the rapid acceleration of pedagogical and technological transformation in schools. Our award-winning panelists will share their experience in using cutting-edge technology to enhance learning and set students up for academic success.

  • What has the coronavirus crisis taught us about best practice technology?
  • Practical examples of successful school technology programs
  • Integrating technology holistically across the curriculum
  • Finding and developing technical expertise within schools
  • Best practices for effectively implementing digital technology
  • Measuring the outcomes of technology-focused initiatives


Jamie Dorrington

Strategic Adviser at Caloundra City Private School, and former Headmaster of Saint Stephen's College (Winner of Best School Strategic Plan 2019 and Finalist of Best Use of Technology 2019 at the Australian Education Awards)

Tamara Sullivan

Deputy Principal at Inner City South State Secondary College, and former Head of Academic and Innovation, Ormiston College (Winner of Innovation in Curriculum Design 2019 at the Australian Education Awards)

10:40 am

Morning break

11:10 am

Ed Talk: How my school found strength in gratitude

Berry Public School is using gratitude as a wellbeing strategy to help its staff and students navigate this uncertain, unpredictable and challenging time. In this 10-minute talk, he will share his key learnings and outcomes from running a gratitude program in his school.

11:20 am

Panel: Classrooms reimagined – what do Australia’s best learning spaces look like?

Learn from the Australian Education Awards winners and finalists as they share practical advice and lessons they have learned while redesigning their learning spaces. What will the classrooms of the future look like?

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the way we design classrooms and learning spaces?
  • Examples of the latest innovation in learning spaces
  • Redesigning learning spaces on a budget
  • Change management and implementation processes to transition into a new space
  • Science behind the design – what type of design are you aiming for and why?


Mal Cater

Principal, Mentone Grammar (Finalist of Innovation in Learning Environment Design 2019 at the Australian Education Awards)

Andrew Kelly

Principal, Redeemer Lutheran School (Winner of Innovation in Learning Environment Design 2019 at the Australian Education Awards)

11:50 am

Panel: How to develop and nurture your teachers for success… in 2020 and beyond

After several months of frantic transformation and change, how should we be adapting our professional education programs to cater to our new normal? This panel will draw on current education best practice share tips on award-winning teacher education programs.

  • Key learnings from a range of successful professional learning programs
  • Developing tailored professional learning that meets the needs of individual educators
  • How much time should you dedicate to teacher’s professional development?
  • Transitioning teacher development into successful results in the classroom
Tracey Breese

Principal, Kurri Kurri High School (Finalist of Best Professional Learning Program 2019 at the Australian Education Awards)

Dr Stephan Muller

Deputy Principal, Haileybury (Winner of Best Professional Learning Program at the Australian Education Awards 2019)

Kelly Young

Deputy Principal, Coomera Rivers State School (Finalist of Best Professional Learning Program 2019 at the Australian Education Awards)

12:20 pm

Session topic TBC

12:50 pm

Lunch break

1:20 pm

Ed talk: Five ways for principals to thrive in 2020

Drawing on 50 years in education, Berwick Lodge Primary School principal Henry Grossek will share his tips for achieving a level of calm in his daily life as a school leader.

1:50 pm

Case study: How Haileybury became a multi award-winning school

Hear from the award-winning Non-Government Principal of the Year as he shares insight how he transformed his school and has been leading it through the unchartered waters of COVID-19 and into a successful future.

  • Identifying the crucial needs for school improvement
  • Shifting mindsets of staff and parents into a new paradigm
  • Overcoming adversity in your pathway to success
  • Creating sustainable change and analysing measures of success
  • Staying motivated to drive school improvement
2:20 pm

Ed Talk: Meet the principal who delivered 78 free lunches daily

When UK assistant principal Zane Powles heard about coronavirus-related shutdowns, he immediately sprang into action and delivered meals to his students so they wouldn’t go hungry. Hear Powels’ inspiring story from the UK in this live streamed virtual talk.

2:30 pm

Panel: Inside Australia’s best student wellbeing programs

If the experience of 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of face-to-face interaction, connection and student wellbeing. Gain insights and tools from the 2019 Australian Education Awards winners and finalists on designing and delivering targeted wellbeing programs that achieve successful and positive outcomes.

  • What lessons have we learned about student wellbeing from the coronavirus crisis?
  • Examples of programs that support emotional intelligence, productive relationships and a positive mindset in students
  • What proactive programs have schools put in place and how have they been implemented?
  • Equipping staff with the expertise to identify signs of mental illness in students
  • How to track and measure the success of student wellbeing programs
Desley Pfeffer

Principal, Mount View High School (Winner of Best Student Wellbeing Program 2019 at the Australian Education Awards)

Samantha Rangaiya

Deputy Principal, Briar Road Public School (Finalist of Best Student Wellbeing Program 2019 at the Australian Education Awards)

Mitchell Robertson

Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Marsden State High School (Finalist of Best Student Wellbeing Program 2019 at the Australian Education Awards)

3:00 pm

End of event

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