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How to leverage data to drive transformational change within your school

This session will discuss how data analytics and insights can improve collaboration, teacher effectiveness and student outcomes.

  • Using technology to deliver continuous reporting and data-driven decision making for school improvement
  • Transforming student learning and wellbeing outcomes by using real-time data
  • Hidden truths behind change management: key lessons learnt from technology implementation
  • Aligning your school’s goals by using technology to engage and collaborate with parents

PANEL: Innovation in curriculum design

The word ‘innovation’ is widely used, but how can teachers deliver on authentic innovation in the classrooms to implement effective learning outcomes? In this panel, Australian Education Awards winners and finalists will share the strategies in curriculum design that are pushing the boundaries of education in new and creative ways.

  • Practical examples of successful innovations within curriculum programs
  • Creating designs that suit all learners and enable them to excel in their areas of interest
  • Developing a flexible and creative design whilst adhering to curriculum restrictions
  • Building capacity to nurture innovation within schools
  • What can we do as leaders to change education to be more like the real world and give students the skills they need to succeed?

PANEL: Implementing effective student wellbeing programs

Student wellbeing is an increasing concern to teachers, parents and the school community. In this session, gain insights and tools from the 2019 Australian Education Awards winners and finalists on designing and delivering targeted wellbeing programs that achieve successful outcomes.

  • Creating a school environment where students feel supported
  • What proactive programs have schools put in place and how have they been implemented?
  • Equipping staff with the expertise to identify signs of mental illness in students
  • How to track and measure the success of student wellbeing programs

CASE STUDY: Driving school improvement – award-winning advice from the Non-Government Principal of the Year

Hear from the award-winning Non-Government Principal of the Year as he shares insight on his school improvement journey and how he was able to lead his school to success.

  • Identifying the crucial needs for school improvement
  • Shifting mindsets of staff and parents into a new paradigm
  • Overcoming adversity in your pathway to success
  • Creating sustainable change and analysing measures of success
  • Staying motivated to drive school improvement

PANEL: Best professional learning programs

Professional development is a critical area in any educator’s job and many principles require greater clarity and guidance around which approach to take. In this interactive panel, hear from key leaders providing outstanding professional learning programs that have the greatest impact on teachers and on learning in the classroom.

  • Key learnings from building professional learning programs
  • Developing tailored professional learning that meets the needs of individual educators)
  • How much time should you dedicate to teacher’s professional development?
  • Transitioning teacher development into successful results in the classroom

CASE STUDY: Leading change within schools – award-winning advice from the Government Principal of the Year

Hear from the award-winning Government Principal of the Year as he shares his advice and key lessons learnt from developing innovative initiatives, leading his school through change and developing a culture of leadership.

  • What innovative initiatives have been implemented that created a positive change?
  • Mapping out the steps and processes for delivering a successful transformation
  • Overcoming key challenges and gaining buy-in for a change vision
  • Advice for developing an effective leadership style and building leadership in others

PANEL: Best use of technology

The pace at which technology is impacting teaching and learning is dizzying to say the least. In this interactive panel, hear from education leaders on how they are transforming education through the innovative use of technology.

  • Examples of using technology successfully within schools
  • Integrating technology holistically across the curriculum
  • Finding and developing technical expertise within schools
  • Best practices for effectively implementing digital technology
  • Measuring the outcomes of technology-focused initiatives
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