Bob Willetts

Principal, Berry Public School

Bob is the principal of Berry Public School, as well as the founder and champion of The Flourish Movement with Dr Adam Fraser. He has over 20 years of experience as a leader in NSW Public Schools across a variety of contexts including isolated rural communities.  

Bob is passionate about promoting wellbeing and positive school culture as a critical determinant of student learning outcomes. His personal experiences, understanding of the extraordinary and exponential challenges facing principals and teachers, as well as a range of research showing the negative impact on the health and wellbeing of principals, led him to initiate The Flourish Movement.  

He is a past recipient of a NSW Leadership Fellowship Award focusing on instructional leadership following his work in a National Partnership Centre for Excellence in Quality Teaching.  

Bob is currently the Vice President of the NSW Primary Principals’ Association and holds multiple system leadership roles including:  

  • Executive Liaison of the NSWPPA Curriculum Reference Group. 
  • Executive Liaison of the NSWPPA Assessment Planning and Accountability Reference Group; 
  • Member of  the NSW Educational Standards Authority Assessment Committee; 
  • NSWDoE Assessment and Reporting Working Group; 
  • NSWDoE School Excellence Advisory Group; 

Bob is on a personal quest to keep his own passion for education in balance with his passion for his family, friends and surfing.